This is a Zero Hour tie-in I missed while reviewing the “main event”, so let’s finish this crossover.

“Eh, I’ve had worse dates.”

Catwoman #14

DC Comics (September, 1994)

“Broken Mirrors”

WRITER: Jo Duffy

PENCILER: Jim Balent

INKER: Bob Smith

COLORIST: Buzz Setzer



EDITOR: Jordan B. Gorfinkel

Catwoman’s recent robberies are practically putting one insurer out of business so he hires a hitman to find her. And then the Zero Hour effect hits Gotham. Selina wakes up to find a sabertooth tiger in her bed and a caveman in her living room, not to mention other out-of-time oddities in the streets. The cat escapes her apartment and Catwoman and the caveman pursue. The tiger is captured by animal control, which turns into a hunting lodge. Selina and the caveman go in to save the tiger, during which a set of mirrors shows Selina images of her past self, distracting her long enough that the caveman has to save her from the hunter (who turns out to be the hit man) and they share a kiss (Selina and the caveman…no kiss for the hunter) as the world turns white, thanks to events in the Zero Hour miniseries (probably when Parallax succeeded in destroying the universe to remake it as Hal thought best).

What they got right: It’s Catwoman chasing a sabertooth tiger through the streets of Gotham. That already sounds like a fun story, and it delivers that. I also like the quick nod to Selina’s past Catwoman costumes dating back to her early appearances in comics (and that weird tiger striped costume she had once…wherever that came from).

What they got wrong: No major complaints outside of whatever problems came from Zero Hour. Two pages of just white comes off as lazy whatever they were trying to do to tie things in.

Recommendation: If you’re following the Zero Hour story and tie-ins this is a fun little adventure. If not you’re going to be confused as to what’s going on. But it’s a fun story if you decide to give it a chance. And now we’re all done with Zero Hour.


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