“Do you mind? I’m trying to find my lucky coin.”

Voltron: Defender Of The Universe vol. 2 #4

Devil’s Due (April, 2004)

“Paradise Lost” chapter 3: “Convergence”

WRITERS: Dan Jolley & Marie Croall

PENCILERS: E.J. Su & Clint Hilinski

INKER: Clayton Brown

COLORIST: Ben Hunzeker

COVER ART: E.J. Su, Andrew Pepoy, & Val Staples

LETTERING: Dreamer Design

Having escaped the Vehicle Team, the Voltron Lions find a place to set down so the pilots can rest, due to their mental link to Voltron being a draining experience. Finding an abandoned lunar colony, our heroes try to get some downtime before returning to Arus. Meanwhile, Commander Hawkins tells the Vehicle Team what’s been going on with the Galactic Union traitor. Back at the colony Lotor arrives with some of his old friends to collect Voltron (and most likely Allura) just as Lance tries to finally put the moves on Allura himself. Keith and Hunk show up, which leads to a fight between Keith and Lotor, the Voltron commander coming out the winner. So Lotor breaks out three RoBeasts!

What they got right: The fight between Keith and Lotor was quite good. Also hopefully when next we see the two Voltrons together they’ll be allies. (Actually I know that’s not the case, but for different reasons than their last encounter.) Hawkins actually uses the Explorer as the ship to track down the two Voltrons.

What they got wrong: But they didn’t draw the Explorer‘s captain, Newley, from the show. Instead it’s some random older man. I’m also trying to figure out why they were creating a love triangle with Lance throughout this comic? The Voltron Wiki says that Lance’s Japanese counterpart was interested in Allura’s counterpart but unless they researched that it’s quite a coincidence. All it leads to is Lotor constantly showing up whenever Lance tries to romance Allura. (Nice try with the Han Solo/Princess Leia reference though, Lance.)

Recommendation: How many times do I have to tell you to find this series?

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  1. Sean says:

    I just realized (after reading your posted credits) that Val Staples from the MOTU comics books was also involved with these Voltron comics. Neat! The first decade of the 21st century was a good time for bringing these 80s creative properties back to life in the comic pages.


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