Super Nintendo Entertainment System, North Ame...

Super Nintendo Entertainment System, North American version. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At life, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. Look, I’m a capitalist. I support making a profit since we all need money to live on. However, buying a rare product from a legitimate store and selling it on eBay at jacked up prices is just immoral. Double that when it’s a product aimed at kids, like the scalpers who snatched up a bunch of basically Pokémon toys from McDonald’s just to sell them. However, sometimes those scalpers end up screwing themselves over instead of their targets customers. Guru Larry tracks down five such failures by scalpers to rob people. Note the mild cursing and Larry’s continued war on Peter Molyneux. I think Peter ran over Larry’s dog, drove back over, did it again, got out of the car and did a Riverdance on it, backed over it again, and drove off singing “We Are The Champions”.


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