It’s not surprising that world of movie studios fail to understand (or at least remember) how the working world works. Showing Hollywood’s lack of understanding how anything in the real world works is something that’s come up on this site many, many times. In this video from Cracked we see that Hollywood writers and creators are pretty much clueless how the corporate world works, and given the political perspectives of many in Hollywood, I’m sure it’s not just their lack of having been in that situation, but it sure helps.

As the host will say at the end, a lot of how they approach the business world is based more on their own experiences in the entertainment industry or what makes the best dramatic showing, and less on any research on how businesses actually operates. Those shortcuts may work for them, but it gives a bad interpretation to the audience as to how things actually work and skewers their opinions of the real corporate world, not realizing that accuracy is not always what Hollywood is trying to create. Here are four very good examples.

What parts of your work and life experience do movies and TV get wrong?

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