I’ve mentioned before, mostly when complaining about Brian Michael Bendis’ run on New Avengers, that it is canon that Luke Cage, the hero formerly known as Power Man, doesn’t swear like most stereotypical black characters from “the street”. I’ve been hoping to come across the comic where this is explained, and this week I did. So now I can finally share my proof with you in the hopes that future writers of Cage will acknowledge this and not have Luke bearing a potty mouth.

Because his grandmother wouldn’t approve, and you don’t want to mess with Luke Cage’s grandma!

“Roundhouse” round 2

The Battlefield: Heroes For Hire #4 (Marvel Comics; October, 1997) “Controlled!”

The Promoters: John Ostrander (writer), Pascual Ferry (penciler), Jaime Mendoza (inker), Joe Rosas (colorist), and Jonathan Babcock (letterer)

We join Luke Cage in battle with the U-Foe Ironclad as he asks Cage the question that anyone writing his character should be asking and actually getting the answer for.

“Fun fact: Bad Leroy Brown is really about my grandma! Only she knocked the guy out in real life!”

Besides, pseudo-cursing is more fun. If you say things that make you happy it makes you less willing to put your fist through a supervillain.

I want to see a buddy story with Luke Cage and RID’s Grimlock now.

And considering your current state you should be glad he does. A fist-shaped hole does no good.

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  1. -3- says:

    It’s good to see Luke Cage in character here, instead of the rather racist portrayal we get these days that says ‘he’s a black man so he cusses all the time’
    Power Man for the Win.


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