Geicko’s marketing firm is rather amazing. Think fast! Name a Geicko ad campaign that was terrible. Most of you had to think about it, because they come up with some hits. Progressive hasn’t been so lucky. The living box somehow stayed on even after the big hit, the Flo campaign (and now Flo and Jamie), stopped using boxes to demonstrate bundle packages. Meanwhile, the aforementioned Flo and Jamie has evolved a number of sub-campaigns and watching their antics is usually amusing. I also like the “The Turns We Take”, the fake soap opera that changes their endings so you look to see what Susan Lucci is up to now.

However, unless it involves Flo the campaigns are rather weak and I doubt you remember any of them that don’t involve Flo, Jamie, or the rival insurance guys. Maybe if it was really bad. Well there’s one campaign that’s slowly getting on my nerves because of how uninteresting, stupid (and not in the funny way), and bland as the “Mommeostasis/Daddeostatsis” ads. And just when I thought it was gone they added a wrinkle to this. You’ve probable seen these ads if you live in the US. You know, the people slowly turning into their opposite gender parents? Was this ever funny to anyone?

In the thankfully shorter version of this ad Mom Man claims buying in bulk is fun. As someone who shops at BJs it’s not any more fun buying one two bag box of Rice Krispies than buying a regular box. I’m sorry, but this isn’t funny to me. I don’t think it’s offensive, but it isn’t funny. It’s a man taking out the more annoying attributes of his mother because he’s stressing over getting their own home. I see the joke, but I don’t see the comedy. And no, it wouldn’t be funnier if his wife took on those attributes. Slightly more realistic at best, but certainly not funny.

But that didn’t stop Progressive’s marketing firm from doubling down on this bland fail. Instead they switched the genders. I don’t think there’s a longer ad of this but I only posted this one in the hopes an extended video would explain what’s going on. It did, but it didn’t make it any funnier.

Mom Man was annoying but Dad Woman is a jerk. And why did she tell nobody that she’d turn the car around. Lame as that threat is (and I wonder how many dads even use that anymore, if ever), it usually comes from one or more kids causing trouble in the backseat. I’m pretty sure THOSE boxes aren’t alive and making fools of themselves in the mall. A joke that is surprisingly amusing, or at least more so than this one. I wonder if they’re purposely creating bad ads to make their weaker ads seem funnier?

And just when you thought (or hoped) they’d go back to Flo and Jamie pranking people by fixing their stuff instead of breaking it, they tripled their failure by extending this out.

I’m not turning into my dad (although I’d easily be better off), but I don’t get rid of my current anything simply because the newer one is better. My computer works but it can’t keep up with my needs and I think the hard drive is in trouble because it’s old. It’s not working like it did. However, I don’t see the point in getting the latest iPhone simply because it’s new. Otherwise, this is just dumb. There’s no comedy here and the joke wasn’t much of anything to begin with.

Progressive, can we stop this? Go back to whatever Susan Lucci is doing. Have Flo and Jamie do more fun things. Maybe have them trying to solve the mystery of who killed Box because that campaign is only occasionally amusing. (Seriously, who thought having him talk to schoolchildren was going to work?) Just please end this garbage? Maybe you need to see your parents more. Or possibly less if this is what they’re like. Annoying parents aren’t funny. It’s why I’m not watching 9JKL despite some initial interest. Just, make it stop. This really needs to put in a home.

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