After doing so poorly previously I actually won the first two rounds! How long will that streak continue? Let’s find out tonight. Or Tuesday since that’s when the results are posted after Sunday wraps up the voting time.

The last survivor of a pirate attack, young Walker swore an oath to fight evil, a tradition handed down from father to son. In their time, the Walker line have collectively seen all kinds of evil and terrors that would make most men shiver with fright. Should it be a surprise then that making the Phantom see the usual monster is not going to have a lot of effect?

So what happens when the Phantom gets his own version of Batman’s Scarecrow? Just another day in the jungle for the Ghost Who Walks.

“Roundhouse” round 3

The Battlefield: The Phantom #13 (Moonstone; 2006) “Tiger’s Blood” part 2

The Promoters: Mike Bullock (writer), Carlos Magno (artist), Nick Main (colorist), and Troy Peteri (letterer)

The Phantom has been drugged with a hallucinogenic that brings out his biggest fears, but when you’re the Phantom fighting fears is nothing new.

“Actually you have a bigger face to hit now, so odds are in my favor.”

Neither is fighting monsters. This drug came from extracting fear hormones from tigers they were supposedly hunting to get a “date rape drug” from female tiger pheromones. Who’s the real monster here?

“This is nothing. You should see me before I’ve had my morning coffee.”

Between those two pages the Phantom managed to get a whiff of the antidote. Not that it really matters to his foot. He just knows where the face is right now.

“That’s a nasty chemical burn you’ve got there.” “Just a flesh wound.”

They say the Phantom as the strength of ten tigers. I think all ten wanted payback for the tigers he and his men butchered.

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