Sorry, folks. I thought I prepped this for this morning, but I didn’t. It’s been that kind of week.

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  1. Sean says:

    I like everything about Filmation. My two favorite Filmation cartoons are Blackstar and Masters of the Universe. Both of those cartoons had well written stories, a diverse array of interesting characters, and many unique story settings. Plus, I do like the art styles and coloring on those two Filmation toons. Honestly, I’ve never seen the Bravestar cartoon, but it sounds like I should try to check out some episodes on Youtube. I’m surprised that I never watched it during its original run, because I certainly would have been interested in a cartoon that featured a Native American main character. Very few cartoons have focused on a Native main character (although many people say that Blackstar could be a Native American too, but his ethnic background isn’t specified in the cartoon). As a result, I do give Filmation lots of credit for leading the way in the 80s with a cartoon featuring a Native main character….Blackstar! Filmation was quite progressive.


  2. Sean says:

    Oops….I meant to say Bravestar! at the end of my post (although I probably could include Blackstar in that comment too).


    • Yep, Blackstar appears to be Native American as well. His girlfriend was white though, and nobody thought to bring it up. That’s rare to see with interracial couples. The racial divide is usually all stories talk about. Just more proof that Filmation was great!


      • Sean says:

        Yes, I do remember when you posted the cartoon video of Superstretch and Microwoman, two black superheroes that Filmation created. That was in the 1970s, so it was very positive for Filmation to include African American characters on its cartoons in the 70s. That’s right….Blackstar’s girlfriend was white. It was very rare for interracial couples to be depicted in 70s or 80s cartoons. So I would have to say that Filmation was very progressive in terms of the depiction of African American characters, Native American characters, and interracial couples in the 70s and 80s. In terms of Hanna Barbera, the only black characters I remember from the 70s or 80s cartoons were the black girl from the the three girls who worked with Captain Caveman (it was probably inspired by Charlie’s Angels), the black teenaged guy in the Godzilla cartoons, and AJ, the African American girl in Go-Bots. Oh….almost forgot….Hanna Barbera did have quite a slew of multicultural superhero characters on Superfiends including the Apache Chief. Speaking of the Apache peoples, when Bravestar would have been on television in that late 80s time frame, I was reading a very awesome comic book called Scout at that time. The comic centered around an Apache character living in a near future Earth.


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