Songbird, formerly the villain Screaming Mimi, lost her sonic scream but gained a costume that can turn her sounds into solid constructs of sound. Imagine her working with a Green Lantern or possibly Star Saphire’s solid light constructs. She’d be a walking rave! And it’s a good thing this fight doesn’t demand a roundhouse punch or kick, because this is easily the best fight I looked at this week.

You see, she’s always been the shy one of the false superhero team known as the Thunderbolts, cautious and unsure of her skills. So naturally she’s the only one running loose in the citadel of the Elements Of Doom and has to save her friends from being turned into elemental zombies. This is not going to be a good day for her, is it?

“Roundhouse” round 4

The Battlefield: Thunderbolts #8 (Marvel Comics; November, 1997) “Songbird: Alone”

The Promoters: Kurt Busiek & Roger Stern (writers), Mark Bagley (penciler), Vince Russell (inker), Joe Rosas (colorist), and Dave Lanphear (letterer)

Songbird is trying to release a prisoner of the Elements (see Tuesday’s review, link at the end of the article) but two of them, Gold and Silver, find her first. And they aren’t here to decorate a Christmas tree.

However, they will wrap her up for Christmas.

Remember, using her scream as a weapon is nothing new to her. Faced with her own death and the death of her friend (he gets better…if you count transferring yourself into a robotic body “better”), something snaps in her.

She’s new at the snappy one-liners, folks, but she learns fast.

And then snaps Gold and Silver. With that victory she decides to double-down and surprises the powerful Beryllium.

“I give you one job and you go all to pieces!”

And just for good measure also knocks Europium into next Thursday.

“You were expecting another sonic-powered fake superhero?”

And that day the periodic tables were stained with…whatever passes for blood with these guys.

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