Logo used by the "Ghostbusters" in t...

Logo used by the “Ghostbusters” in the film (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Walter Peck, from the first Ghostbusters movie, is rather famous for being a character that exists only to be a pain without any real logic. From what I’ve heard Dan Akroyd wanted to take a pop shot at government bureaucrats. So he misuses his authority to investigate where he has no business investigating simply because he refuses to believe ghosts exist. Personally, I think the Mayor’s re-election campaign manager is even dumber because by that point everybody should already be aware that ghosts exist but he opts to still not believe despite A GIANT MARSHMALLOW MONSTER WALKING DOWN TO A BUILDING THAT HAD AN ANCIENT TEMPLE ON TOP OF IT AND VARIOUS DEMONIC FORCES RUNNING AROUND IT! Even with the cartoon not in canon to the movies this alone should be enough to not be a problem.

Cracked Editor In Chief Jack O’Brien looks into Peck’s problem as a character, as well as three others, demonstrating why this kind of character is stupid and in at least one case how it should have been done better. Were most of these characters even necessary? For that matter, was the cursing that shows up here, and one sexual reference we could have all done without?

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