It’s a good thing I double-checked before posting this because otherwise I would have messed up. There was no Friday Night Fight last week, but there is this week. And it’s time for another visit with the Ghost Who Walks.

There are things you just don’t do when it comes to the Phantom. One is threatening the Phantom. Another is attacking his family. Tonight we meet a street gang leader who was dumb enough to do both…and is lucky to still be among the living. Because this guy pushed the Phantom so far he could have had his brains outside his skull. Or so goes the story the Phantom is currently telling his son.

“Roundhouse” round 7

The Battlefield: The Phantom #15 (Moonstone; 2007) “Walker’s Line” part 2

The Promoters: Mike Bullock (writer), Carlos Magno (artist), Bob Pedroza (colorist), and Troy Peteri (letterer)

The Phantom stopped by the town he grew up in on the way to find his father’s killer and found it overrun with a street gang called the Skulls. (Rather ironic name.) They attacked his aunt, which sent the Phantom on a butt-kicking spree, beating the daylights out of the whole gang and breaking up their various attacks. So the gang leader, upon learning why his guys were getting smacked around, went to kill his aunt for payback. BIG mistake.

“Don’t worry, that car will break our fall.”

You’d think that would be enough to slow this guy down, but he’s got a killin’ boner that he ain’t lettin’ go.

It’s like he spends the whole fight begging to have his face caved in by a fist.

Well, if you came to get the crap beat out of you, ya came to the right man, pal!

“That’s if you remember you’re own name at this point.”

I’m cutting out the next panel, since the dialog is pretty much the same, only the end result is changed. Our gang leader decides to double down on his demise by claiming he’s going to go all Dr. Light on Aunt Bessie and there’s nothing the Phantom, who I remind you has him bleeding on the ground while standing over him and holding a handgun, can do to stop him. He’s convinced the Phantom won’t kill him, but for a moment he’s wrong. What keeps him from being dead wrong? The Phantom lineage.

The Phantom hates guys wearing earrings.

Finally even this guy gets the message. You don’t @#$# with the Ghost Who Walks!

Wait, when did the Phantom mention the Oath Of The Skull to him?

Aunt Bessie is fine, and the Phantom shows Man Of Steel how you have your superhero not kill. You learn from your father to respect life. Even scum like this piece of trash.

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