“I swear, I have a ticket!”

The Phantom: The Ghost Killer

Moonstone (2002)

WRITER: Ben Raab

ARTIST: Fernando Blanco

COLORIST: Paul Mounts

COVER ART: Joel Naprstek

LETTERER: Terri Boyle

EDITORS: Garrett Anderson & Joe Gentile

The Phantom has been busting up an attempt to smuggle guns into Bangalla as part of a coup attempt, and the gunrunner isn’t happy about it. He hires an assassin to hunt the Phantom down, and she’s a vicious sort. Meanwhile, Diana learns that the gunrunner has a contact within the UN disarmament department and exposes him. Then she disguises her way on board the gunrunner’s plane to Bangalla just in time to see the Phantom, whom the assassin thought she had killed, show up and with the Jungle Patrol take down everybody.

What they got right: I’m assuming this was the first in the set of extra-length one-shots that led up to the first ongoing. There’s a lot of introductory material for those who came in late, but fans can get into it without sitting through too much they already know. The story itself is pretty good.

What they got wrong: The art has a few issues. The fight between the Phantom and the smugglers is a bit confusing at a couple of points unless the Phantom now has superpowers the legends haven’t ascribed to him. Diana doesn’t really look like Diana. If anything the assassin looks more like her and Diana looks more Latina with a lighter skin color. It’s like they cast the wrong actors for the roles.

Recommendation: A fair story that serves as a decent enough introduction for newcomers. Worth taking a look at but not essential.

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