Better late than never, right?

I was hoping to have this up on Christmas but all the dental work and pain medication threw my schedule off. So here it is, just under a month late.

Meat Deanna, an elf who really loves her Christmases white. But what happens when she finds some prefer theirs green, or even brown, when the Snowbringer comes with the gift of a white Christmas? Find out as this (last) year’s Captain Yuletide and Bryce The Green-Nosed Reindeer find themselves…”Between Snow And Sand!” Click the cover image to read the issue.

And I’m hoping this year I have the next issue done…THIS year. I already have my plot and elf choice ready.

This week was crunch time getting it done. I did some work on the Comic Re-Integration Project, which will now be my focus so I can get that done. This week I have more dental work to do, depending on how I’m healing from the surgery but signs were promising on my last visit, and then that should be done too. Then I can start working on videos and more importantly finding a job or other income source without any more distractions. I also want to work on my next comic. Jake & Leon returns next week, but I’m hoping to do more than Christmas comic books, digital or otherwise, and that will be my next comic-related project.

Otherwise this week I want to do another Finally Watched and another He-Man newspaper strip review, plus we have the Friday Night Prize Fight that I hope I’m awake enough to participate in after the dental work.

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Sean says:

    I like how this Captain Yuletide’s setting was Christmas in Australia. You did an excellent job depicting the Australian Christmas traditions. Yes, Bondi Beach is a popular gathering spot for Christmas celebrations in Australia. I’m surprised that you didn’t have “Kwicky Koala” or Crocodile Dundee show up in this special Australian version of Captain Yuletide! It will be interesting to see if anybody from Australia finds this comic online and then comments on it to give their perspective on the tale.


    • What point would those characters add to the story? I actually started to put them at Bondi Beach but realizing I knew nothing about it (being from the opposite side of the US and all) I shifted to some lake.


      • Sean says:

        I mentioned them because they are Australian characters. Maybe they could have been in the background as random beings at the beach. Or maybe a random koala hanging out in a Eucalyptus tree while eating the Eucalyptus leaves. Just something to show a little more Australian flavor. At Bondi Beach, a fully dressed Santa Claus even shows up on Christmas Day. Bondi Beach is a very popular beach in the Sydney area. Sydney is basically like the NYC of Australia. With an Australian lake, one has to be careful of the crocs. Then again, even the ocean has crocs. Saltwater crocodiles are present on some of Australia’s shorelines. Your comic strip did display Australian flavor though (ie; a character saying “mate”). I was just mentioning other examples of Australian flavors. Overall, a good comic strip.


  2. Sean says:

    Good point on why you wouldn’t have Santa at Bondi Beach. I hope I didn’t sound critical of your comic strip. Please know that I wasn’t trying to be critical. I liked your Captain Yuletide strip a lot. You did a great job on it. Because I’ve read a lot and watched a lot about Australia over the years, I’ve become a bit of an Australia expert. The cultures, nature, animals, history, etc. of Australia are topics that strongly interest me. So I was just pointing out various Australian elements that could have been in the strip. But I do like the Captain Yuletide in Australia comic strip the way you created it. No problems at all with your artwork or story.


    • Constructive criticism helps me get better. It’s the jerks that yell “you suck” without giving reasons that don’t matter. I know rather little about Australia but I wouldn’t mind vacationing there someday.


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