Trypticon as a weird diet.

Like they did with the first chapter of the Prime Wars Trilogy, Combiner Wars, Hasbro has posted the first two episodes of Titans Return to their YouTube channel, with the rest (at least for US viewers) exclusive to Go90. Since there are spoilers for Combiner Wars you may want to watch that first. Hasbro posted that to their YouTube channel already and was a previous Saturday Night Showcase. This time I’m posting the playlist so perhaps when Hasbro Studios and Machinima are ready to finally bring us Power Of The Primes, the third toyline under the Prime Wars banner, this will end up being the full playlist.

The concept behind Titans Return the toyline is basically a return of the Headmasters. Having seen where the Go90 episodes currently are all we’ve gotten is Fortress Maximus, with Cerebros and Spike replaced with some Titanmaster with the less creative name Emissary. These shows are very good at demonstrating the central gimmick of the toyline. Sure the CG animation is quite good, the acting is good, and the story is good so the show is overall…good. But I wish they could have done a better job of showcasing the Combiner and now Titanmaster gimmicks. Not that I want everyone to be a HeadTitanmaster like in the toyline but at least give us the new characters to the story.

Peter Cullen resumes his classic role as Optimus Prime, so you know he’s good. Tay Zonday is apparently the voice of all the past Primes so now we know what the “Chorus Of The Primes” refers to, if you remember my look at the trailer. Judd Nelson returns as Hot Rod from his role in the animated movie, while Wil Weaton is Perceptor. Both do a good job. I admit I didn’t listen to MatPat as Computron or Jason Frank as Emissary as far as trying to hear their voices. I liked the acting at least.

Again, it’s a good show with a bad display of the gimmick. Instead it’s just “everyone fight Trypticon” and that’s not the same thing, although he and the other Titans look cool in this. I’m betting the same will be true for Power Of The Primes, but at least the webseries is taken better care of than the Cartoon Network series was. I’m still looking forward to finishing this series and waiting for the next one.

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