We have a theme for the Prize Fight. I don’t mind a theme for the Prize Fight because it’s a special occasion. Our tournament name has been “Roundhouse” but it wasn’t clear if it was a roundhouse punch or a roundhouse kick coming our way. Well, it’s the roundhouse kick as the Prize Fight rule is that the fight must include a foot to the face. And there’s only comic I could possibly use…because it’s the only comic I reviewed this week that matched the criteria.

If you recall from Monday, Nightwing had been shot, but why let a little thing like being shot twice get in the way of beating a bad guy up? Especially when you have bulletproof clothing.

Roundhouse Prize Fight: Foot-N-Face

The Battlefield: Nightwing #4 (DC Comics; December, 1995) “Dead Simple”

The Promoters: Dennis O’Neil (writer), Greg Land (penciler), Mike Sellers & Nick Napolitano (inkers), Cathi Bertrand (colorist), and John Costanza (letterer)

Of course you can’t be bulletproof without it hurting (unless you’re Superman or written by a bad writer) so the shooting wasn’t without pain. The guy who shot him, however, is about to get some worse pain.

“Well that’s the pits!” “It’s called an oubliette.”

Don’t worry, folks. Nightwing doesn’t let people fall to their deaths, even the villains. That’s why he never had a movie.

Wasn’t he already unconscious? Guess you can’t be too careful after the last time.

This comic proves there was a time when Greg Land would use photo references but not directly copy them like he does now. Don’t you miss those days?

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