“Lois, about this new wallpaper…”

Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey #2

DC Comics (May, 1994)


INKER: Brett Breeding

COLORIST: Greg Wright

LETTERER: Bill Oakley



EDITOR: Mike Carlin

(credits from comics.org)

Superman reluctantly tends to the wounded Darkseid (if only because he’s still better for the people than Henshaw The Cyborg) using the Mother Box. Waverider arrives and although he can’t interfere he can show Superman Doomsday’s history. Doomsday is part of a crazed team of scientists attempts to create the ultimate lifeform by cloning a creature and sending out into harsh wasteland filled with predators, recover the remains, and then force it to adapt. With only torment and fighting in its genetic history the monster they created turns against them and kills them, then hitches a ride on one of the supply ships, landing on the planet Calaton. The royal family sacrifice themselves to create The Radiant, a being of pure energy that was able to kill Doomsday, but due to their rituals sent the body bound and into space, where it eventually ended up on Earth. Not knowing Doomsday adapts to his threats (and he probably wouldn’t care anyway) Desaad sent him to Calaton, where now he’ll be ready for the energy being. After Superman and Darkseid defeat the Cyborg, Superman decides that he still has to confront Doomsday.

What they got right: When Doomsday was created by DC they had no origin in mind. They just wanted to create something that could actually fight Superman one-on-one in a physical fight. So it’s good that they came up with an origin that explains everything, sick as it may be. I don’t think you could do it any other way though for Doomsday.

What they got wrong: So Waverider has been reduced to exposition? You know, the last time we saw Waverider before Time & Time Again (at least in my collection) he was chasing off a demon threatening all time and space. Why couldn’t they have done with him what they would later do with Booster Gold, charge him with protecting DC history?

Recommendation: Two out of three issues and so far it’s a surprisingly good return for Doomsday although I don’t think he needed to show up after this. It’s worth checking out, and I’m reading from a trade collection if that’s your preferred option.



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  2. […] “Yesterday’s” Comic> Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey #2 […]


  3. […] “Yesterday’s” Comic> Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey #2 […]


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