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JJ Abrams “get the band back together and slowly kill them off” trilogy isn’t even done yet, the next “ignore the original cast” trilogy is yet to even start, and already a THIRD trilogy has been announced by Disney. And quite frankly between all these trilogies and the stand alones I have to ask…are we getting too much Star Wars now?

Maybe not for the die-hard fan base. After all they were used to comics, novels, and video games coming out constantly while the movies weren’t even done. I mean the general audiences, the casual fans. (For the record I rank somewhere in between because I can only dedicate so much of my random brain to any one thing.) The ones who enjoy the various Star Wars films but want to watch something else sometimes, too. And this may spell trouble for the franchise. And I kind of wonder about who they chose for this. First, here’s the announcement from the official YouTube channel’s The Star Wars Show.

They should be worried about the responsibility given mixed responses of fans to some of the movies that have come out and the directors outright fired by Disney’s Lucasfilm when they didn’t understand the difference between a good movie and a good Star Wars movie, and there IS a difference. I don’t watch Game Of Thrones because even if I had HBO it’s not my kind of series, but being good there may not translate to being good here.

Plus there’s the question I asked earlier: is this too much Star Wars? Disney seems to be looking further ahead than Marvel with its Cinematic Universe, and nobody seems to understand how to create an expanded universe, although Legendary seems to be the closest in figuring it out with their kaijuverse. Are the casual fans really going to want to see this many Star Wars movies at once? Marvel can bank on some fans wanting to see some kinds of movies (more sci-fi like Guardians Of The Galaxy, more action like the upcoming Black Panther, or more fantasy like the Thor movies) and still making a good showing, while still getting the die-hard fans for the entire MCU, including streaming series. Star Wars on the other hand doesn’t have as much versatility. It’s a science fantasy war story sure, but there is also a tone that is essential to being successful. Even Lucas struggled with that in the prequels, while movies like Rogue One was a good movie that didn’t have the feel expected from a Star Wars film.

While the MCU doesn’t necessarily play to everyone who went to the other superhero movies, Star Wars kind of needs all the sci-fi moviegoers and if you have too much stuff all that burnout people who hate superhero movies keep insisting Marvel is creating (they aren’t because of the variety in their comic properties translating to film) may well happen here. George Lucas had the right idea. Spend time creating a good story, then work to make that story visually exciting. Give people a fun war story with quasi-mystical elements, and characters they can connect with and want to see have their various struggles. I’m not sure Disney is interested in that. They just want to make money off of the name and I don’t think this is going to work out for the franchise in the long term. Sometimes breathing room is important but if it’s one thing modern movie studios and investors can’t see anymore it’s the long term. We’ll have to see what happens and I’m hopeful…but doubtful.



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  1. Sean says:

    Oversaturation of anything is never a good idea. I feel like Disney needs to slow down a little. Having a new Star Wars movie once every 2 years is an ok pace. But if they’re getting to the point of 2 to 3 Star Wars movies per year, that’s oversaturation. It’s tough enough for me to try to get to see one Star Wars movie at a time (example: still haven’t seen Last Jedi and at this point it looks like we’ll have to be seeing it on DVD again just like with Force Awakens), it’s going to be really difficult to try to see a bunch of them if Disney starts churning them out in mass production. Quality over quantity is another phrase that comes to mind. I prefer a quality movie over a quantity of movies that were rushed through production. Then again, I think you’re correct in stating that Disney is being greedy and just thinking of all the “Benjamins” (ie: money) to be made. As Puff Daddy (now P Diddy) rapped in the late 1990s: “It’s all about the Benjamins, baby!” Disney has certainly taken that song hook to heart!


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