I didn’t get a Worldbuilding Project post done last night in case you’re curious. It’s like someone learned how busy my February plans were and decided to drop everything in my lap this month.

Superman and Darkseid are not what you’d call friends. In some continuities Darkseid is the only villain Superman would even consider killing. However, Superman is concerned for all innocents and that includes the worshipers of Darkseid on Apokolips, so there would have to be someone who somehow would treat them even worse than Darkseid. That someone would be Hank Henshaw, the “Cyborg Superman”, who just wants to create his warworld and kill everyone he can. I’d call that worse.

SMACK! round 2

The Battlefield: Superman/Doomsday: Hunter Prey #2 (DC Comics; taken from the trade collection)

The Promoters: Dan Jurgens (writer/penciler), Brett Breeding (inker), Greg Wright (colorist), and Bill Oakley (letterer)

Superman confronts old Hank as he attempts to take over Darkseid’s computers and control all of Apokolips.

“Yes, those are pink energy. Watch Linkara use that clip again.”

Getting hit with Darkseid’s Omega Beams tends to hurt. A lot. However, Henshaw does have Superman’s invulnerability.

“Not enough pink energy is dangerous too.” (Last Linkara joke I swear. For this article.)

Hank goes on the attack with his heat vision. It doesn’t do anything worth posting. Let a master show you how it’s done, Hank.

This isn’t Hank’s day for eyebeams.

Then Hank tries to take over a war machine and Darkseid Omega Beams it to dust, but I don’t give victories to villains.

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