Superman is my favorite superhero, so you can imagine the Superman hate by some bothers me. I don’t mean people not liking Superman. Nobody is going to like everything and some people don’t even agree on wanting to breathe. (And no, that’s not a suicide joke. I’m a human being for Pete’s sake!) So when I see videos and article defending Superman against some of the dumb reasons given why people don’t like him…or worse, want to get rid of him…I have to bring them out.

What Culture? Comics recently put out a list of 10 stupid arguments made by Superhaters and I just have to share it and make a few of my own comments.

Why can’t he just fix everything? I found this scene years ago in which Superman explains why he doesn’t just end all war. The simple answer is that he can’t change people’s minds. Superman CAN’T do everything no matter what Siegel & Shuster intended. There are limits to what even Superman can do even bypassing the “I don’t want to be a tyrant and stifle human potential” argument.

There’s no need for Clark Kent? I point you to my favorite Superman story, which proved just how much Superman needs “Clark” to retain his humanity and be a better person. Plus he needs to eat and this story shows that Clark can do things Superman can’t by virtue of his job as a reporter. Besides us seeing Clark interact with his friends at the Planet, or his wife and son nowadays, allows us the readers to connect with him as a character, another argument I’ve heard against Superman.

Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow can die in a fire! Alan Moore may be a good writer but his cynical approach to superheroes just never sat well with me. What’s worse is that his most famous work, Watchmen, was better served as a stand-alone story but instead had a negative influence on superhero stories that still plays havoc with superhero stories, including DC heroes, to this day. I hate this story and Alan Moore should never write Superman again. If you’re curious here’s a video summarizing the story, although I hear it leaves off a tease that a mostly de-powered Clark is still alive and married to Lois. If this is you’re idea of the “best” Superman story then you hate Superman.

Batman is better: Going to the heart of BW Media Spotlight, “better” is never defined as “I like it” and “worse” is never defined by “I don’t like it”. The Asylum keeps making movies and people enjoy them but nobody in their right mind would call them good, probably even the creators themselves. The first chronological team-up between Batman and Superman (not the first time they teamed up in comics but a story from the Silver Age telling the tale of how they met when Clark and Bruce shared a room on a cruise ship and ended up saving it) had them instantly working together and even in continuities where they started hating each other (DCAU, the New 52) they eventually became friends because Batman keeps Superman grounded in how the world while Superman’s hope and optimism for a better tomorrow can even infect Batman. Stop pitting them against each other! Pit them against supervillains. That’s what superheroes are supposed to fight. MARVEL!

Also, Frank Miller shouldn’t write Superman either. And yet DC just gave him permission to do a Superman story. Why would you do that? When it comes to Superman Frank Miller is Alan Moore light! As for the host’s claim that Superman isn’t American and liking the story where Superman renounces his citizenship…I’ve made my position clear already.

The underpants look silly: And yet every costume they’ve come up with since has met with failure. Visually the trunks break things up and having a little extra covering of his superbits isn’t such a bad idea. Easily solved though: I always thought it was part of the costume. Just say he ran out of blue fabric.

You will never convince me that Superman is anything other than awesome. Granted I may not convince some of you that Superman’s is, but that’s fine too. Like I said in the opening not every story has to work for every person. I’m not trying to take away the things you like from you, so don’t take what I like from me. And that includes Superman!


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  1. The video has some great points that I completely agree with. However, there are certain points that are… incorrect. One of which is the comment, “before John Byrne could update him for the ’80s… by giving him a mullet.” Not true. The “mullet” didn’t happen until the ’90s when Superman was brought back from the dead.

    With that said, I completely agree with all of your points! Bravo! As for Alan Moore’s Superman stories, the only one that holds a place in my heart is For the Man Who Has Everything.

    Keep up the great work.


  2. […] Another Awesome Superman Defense: There are people who hate Superman so much I have been visited on more than one occasion by a spambot who does nothing besides says “Superman sucks”. I am always happy to see someone provide a strong defense of Superman since he’s my favorite superhero. […]


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