The Rocketeer (film)

The Rocketeer (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This would have been up yesterday morning but Frontier is having issues in CT…or with my luck it’s just our house.

Fans of the World War II jetpack-wearing superhero inspired by the old “rocket men” serials…don’t rejoice just yet. Deadline is reporting that Disney is producing a Rocketeer cartoon. (You may remember they made the live-action movie some years ago.) However, it’s not going to follow the classic characters. No, the first Rocketeer animated series is from Disney Junior and will star a young girl who for whatever reason is next in line to become the Rocketter.

On the one hand kids who have never heard of the comic or the movie aren’t going to know who the Rocketeer is so I don’t see the point of disappointing fans of the late Dave Stevens’ book when you could literally call her anything else and fans of the “rocket men” and superheroes would still check it out or give their blessings. Do you know how long we’ve wanted a Rocketeer cartoon or live-action series set in WW2 and featuring Cliff, Peevy, and Betty? There is no point in calling her the Rocketeer. “Rocket Kid”, “Rocket Girl”, “The Human Rocket”…anything would have worked. However as a fan I’m not entirely bothered by the premise so much as the reasoning. It does sound like an interesting idea and I’ll give it a shot and probably a review knowing me. It just seems like a waste to make the first Rocketeer cartoon without the original cast, even modernized. This is not going to conv

[UPDATE 8/24/2018: I’m not sure how I planned to finish that sentence and I don’t know why it ended where it did. I’m assuming it was something like “This is not going to convince me to enjoy it” or something like that but I do plan to give it a shot.]


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  2. […] they made a cartoon…for Disney Junior…that isn’t about Cliff but his descendant. As I’ve said in past articles previewing this show it seems a shame that Rocketeer fans didn’t get a […]


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