This was supposed to post yesterday but I messed up the scheduling. And since I have a big discussion topic for what is now tomorrow we’ll have to save Atari Force for next week.

Superman: The Man of Steel (1989 video game)

Superman: The Man of Steel (1989 video game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And you wouldn’t think that was possible. For all the crap that was going to go into Superman Lives and thank Rao that trainwreck was never made we dodged a second one. Superman Flyby was J.J. Abrams’ attempt to create a Superman movie showing that only Warner Brothers’ animation department seems to understand what makes a good Superman story, be it the movies for older audiences or younger. Owen Likes Comics goes into what would have gone into this failure of a Superman movie…that really should be retooled as an original work, which still puts it one over Lives but somehow under Man Of Steel, the failure to understand Superman we ended up with, and Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, which messed up pretty much everything.

And you can check out more of Owen Likes Comics on his YouTube channel. This movie has the same problem I saw with Man Of Steel. It sounds like a fascinating superhero or general science fiction movie but as a Superman adaptation it sounds terrible. Parts of Superman Lives sounds more Superman-like than this does, but really only the parts Kevin Smith worked on, and Nicholas Cage was always a terrible choice for Superman. Maybe it’s Henry Cavill doing the Superman curse wrong, because it seems whenever he’s playing Superman it’s a movie that is Superman in name only? He’s a good actor and he does look the part (check the second related article link below) but he never gets hired to actually play Superman.

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