This week I’m using a link rather than posting the video here due to the preference of the host based on past experience. It’s a long story but within a certain group of the reviewing community there are understandable concerns due to past history with people posting their videos to sites without permission even though BW Media Spotlight is a review and commentary blog which is technically not part of the “Channel Awesome” community of reviewers. At least not since Reviewers Unknown closed down. But this is still in keeping with Saturday Night Showcase’s promotion of other material.

Transformers The Movie is the good theatrical Transformers movie if you ask many Transformers fans. It was two years in the making, it was highly publicized, and it’s a lot more fun and closer to what Transformers as a franchise is than the Michael Bay films. That doesn’t mean the movie is perfect but there has to be a reason the fandom loves it despite nostalgia. Someday I may tackle this myself beyond the comic adaptations I’ve already reviewed. I’ll post those below. SF Debris’ review however is more objective, pointing out the flaws and strengths as a movie. There are two videos, one of which is the reason I wanted to have this as this week’s Showcase. The second is of course the movie review, but the first goes into the history of why certain decisions were made. There are other trivia bits, and a defense of Ultra Magnus’ infamous “I can’t deal with that now” line I’ll keep for my own review, but the first video is what makes this a must-see beyond the fact that SF Debris’ Opinionated Reviews is just a great review series. Have a good Saturday!

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  1. Sean says:

    I liked watching both the 1986 Transformers Movie background video and the review video of the movie. Lots of deep insights in both. Both served as a nice refresher on the film as I haven’t watched my DVD copy of it in a long time. I like the Transformer Movie, however, it was shocking to have so many characters killed off in the film. Watching these two videos also reminds me of how much I’d like to see the Go-Bots movie that had been out in the theaters. Of course, it’s not on DVD. So the only it would be possible to see it would be if an old VHS tape copy somehow became available. Tronix, what are your feelings about the Transformers Movie of 1986? In addition, did you ever get the chance to watch the Go-Bots movie? Honestly, I wish I could go back in a time machine to the summer of 1986 and watch both films in the movie theater. It’s something that I regret I didn’t do for real in the summer of 1986.


    • I saw Battle Of The Rock Lords online. It’s…a bit disappointing.


      • Sean says:

        Thanks for letting me know that Go-Bots: Battle of the Rock Lords can be found online. I plan to watch it when I get a chance. Even though it might be disappointing, I enjoy watching anything I can find on Go-Bots because it’s tough to find videos about them online. Tronix, you created a good video analyzing Go-Bots that has quite a few views on Youtube. I should watch that again as it’s been awhile. Your analysis was very in depth. At some point, I will buy the Go-Bots DVDs. That will help satisfy my Go-Bot cravings!


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