Natasha Romanoff started out as a villain in the Marvel universe. While movie fans only know her as a SHIELD agent she was actually a Russian spy who tricked and manipulated Hawkeye into becoming a villain before they both reformed. When it comes to kicking butt, taking names, and making sure nobody knows those names, the Black Widow is the agent you call upon. And when SHIELD sends her to find out who has been kidnapping electronics experts she went to microelectronics genius Tony Stark for help…by having him be kidnapped.

However, at this point hitmen were after Tony due to a mysterious client that even the audience wasn’t aware of. I don’t remember who he or she was, but what matters is that an assassin named Hauptmann is here to kill Tony, which makes him harder to kidnap when he’s dead. And so Natasha is trading dance partners like she planned, but not the partner she expected. It’s still a dance of death either way.

“SMACK” round 8

The Battlefield: Iron Man vol. 3 #6 (Marvel Comics; July, 1998) “In Deep”

The Promoters: Kurt Busiek (writer) with plot assistance by Richard Howell, Patrick Zircher (penciler), Jon Holdredge (inker), Steve Oliff (colorist), and Comicraft (lettering, we only get the initials K.F.)

Natasha is a former spy, Hauptmann is a current assassin. This is not going to be a good time. Except for us, the readers.

Okay, so maybe you can fight in high heels.

And while Tony finally gets kidnapped (just now when they’re ready for it) Hauptmann asks Black Widow if she wants some punch. Via his glowing robot fist.

I hate it when someone spikes the punchbowl.

When looking up the character for the Marvel wiki link at the top of the page the images they have there have the gauntlet on his right hand, but here it’s on his left. Artist error? Well the party’s ruined either way. And so is Hauptmann.

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