Dr. Harleen Quinzel, alias Harley Quinn, the poster child for abusive relationships. She used to be a normal person until the Joker found a way to prey on her insecurities and now she takes abuse after abuse for not understanding the Joker’s concept of comedy. It’s often painful to watch, but that’s kind of the point. However, in at least one story she got to give a little of that pain back.

The details I’ll save for tomorrow’s comic review, but this will make you sad the tie-in comic isn’t canon to the TV show. And that she’ll end up right back where she was. But for the moment, one moment, she fought back against her abuser, and that should put a smile on your face. Not the way the Joker would want, but who cares?

“SMACK” round 9

The Battlefield: Batman: Gotham Adventures #10 (DC Comics; March, 1999) “Mightier Than The Sword”

The Promoters: Ty Templeton (writer), Rick Burchett (penciler), Terry Beatty (inker), Lee Loughridge (colorist, separations by Zylonol), and Tim Harkins (letterer)

I will mention this much: Harley’s writing a book.

Have you maybe considered she has her own brand of humor?

And just as the Joker is about to cave her head in with a typewriter (it’s what they used before word processing programs, kids), his method of escape comes back to haunt him, giving Harley the opening she’s needed for years!

To the cheers of many!

She’s stopped by not wanting to go back to Arkham and just lets Nightwing take him away. I’m not sure anyone would have blamed her, but it’s still a victory nevertheless. That’s what matters.

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