Scooter (Gobots)

Scooter (GoBots) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know I’m technically going to the same well early but when someone does a review on the GoBots that isn’t insulting I have to give them proper credit. By now long time readers know of my love of GoBots right down to doing video reviews of the original telling of their origin and the one everybody knows plus other postings. But among Transformers fans the Gobotronian rivals always get dumped upon.

As part of an April Fool’s gag Transformers: The Basics creator and host Chris McFeely went over the history of GoBots. It’s not a big praise fest but it’s also not a trashing. Instead he gives an straightforward, honest review of the franchise. So boost his view count and maybe he’ll make it a recurring feature or something.

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  1. Sean says:

    I will finally confess this: I like the Gobots better than the Transformers. It was cool to see the images of the anime Gobots (Robo Machine) from Japan. But I still prefer the Hanna Barbara cartoon version of the Gobots. The closest thing I had to Gobots comics was the two or three issues of Gobots Magazine that I had which contained comic strips of the Gobots inside. Those magazines I had are long gone. Do you still have any copies of Gobots Magazine, Tronix? Anyhow, the best that us Gobots fans can do is purchase the Gobots cartoon DVDs and if one is interested in getting some of the toys, hunting the old ones down. Back in the summer of 2015, I was at an amazing retro toy store in Everett, Washington. While there, I did buy a small Lion Voltron that was actually a clock (no longer works as a clock though). That store contained tons of Gobots. I should have purchased two Gobots while I was there such as Scooter and the one who has the drill head or the one who was a train. Those three stand out in my mind as being in the store along with many other Gobots. But yes, watching this video really made me realize that I definitely need to confess that although I’m cool with Transformers, I like Gobots better. It was easier for my parents to get me Gobots for Christmas or my birthday (and for me to save up my allowance money from doing chores to buy Gobots on my own) because they were a very cheap price.


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