Last year I posted a review in the style of Linkara as part of the “Multi-Reviewaverse” project. It was a review of GoBots: Escape To Planet Earth, an illustrated booklet that introduced the GoBots. I’ve also posted the pilot episode of its cartoon counterpart, Challenge of the GoBots, but last time I checked that was down. That doesn’t bother me since the DVD is available.

Thus, I decided that because I still want a review of the pilot up I would make a BW Video Review of the show, recruiting fellow Transformer fan and Saturday Night Showcasee Tyler “TJ Omega” James for a cameo.  So how much have I improved as a video reviewer, and why do I say that Megatron may have been more fun to watch but Cy-Kill was better at his job? Watch and find out.

Speaking of Tyler, he reviewed the GoBots’ movie, Battle of the Rock Lords and I have to admit that it felt like a padded out episode, and not one of their better episodes at that. Someday I may review that, too. He’s also a very patient man, as I had intended to, and asked if he’d be willing to cameo, back in October of last year. Then we had the tree taken down, followed by an early snowstorm wiping out our power, the holidays, and finally some weird work hours. There are some things I wanted to do, but the video is done. I’m satisfied with that. And if you want to get the cartoon and see whether or not I’m full of it, here’s where you can order it. Now they just need to get the full series out because I really, really want it.


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  6. […] I thought you guys might want to see this. I found it interesting, but I think I’ll stick with the show. […]


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