Iron Man’s life has been a bit of a pain. He’s had to deal with assassins, arms merchants, kidnappers, and now aliens. It’s not easy being Tony Stark. And now his back-up ditched him after practically starting the problem.

Throughout these adventures the bad guys have a bad habit of escaping. Tonight Iron Man’s not letting this one get away. This one happens to be a Sentinel-sized robot, but that won’t stop him!

SMACK! round 10

The Battlefield: Iron Man volume 3 #7 (Marvel Comics; August, 1998) “Bad Moon Rising”

The Promoters: Kurt Busiek (writer), Sean Chen (artist), Eric Cannon & Sean Parsons (inkers), Steve Oliff (colorist), and Comicraft (lettering)

I already set the stage. Let’s see the performance.

Sometimes you just have to hit the villain who’s available.

He was also elected president of his glee club.

At least this one didn’t get away. Of course his bosses did and a drunken Warbird is pursing them while they’re pursing her. Some days you take the victories you can get.

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