Mass Effect Galaxy

Mass Effect Galaxy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I tried playing Mass Effect but I couldn’t figure out how to move the darn ship. So I basically won the game by joining the secret government crimefighting group. However, those who could move the ship and made it through the other two main games enjoyed it…until the ending of the third game, which BioWare had to race to change. Not having played it (I can’t even get out of dock, remember) I can’t speak to the quality. Someday I would like to finish it.

But all of the love the main trilogy got couldn’t help the intended next trilogy, Mass Effect: Andromeda. The game released with play and animation bugs that were hilarious to watch but from what I hear frustrating to play. But even when they fixed that and the true visual beauty of the game shown through…there was still something wrong. YouTube gaming commentator Henry Sharpe, aka “Ruskie” put out a video essay as to why the game didn’t work even when the software did. It clocks in at an hour so it’s not filler material. That’s why it’s this week’s Showcase.

Note for readers not used to swearing on this website there’s some in this video. Enjoy.

For more like this check out his YouTube channel.

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