Word from the way this was promoted tonight is the last Friday Night Fight! I can’t say I’m surprised but it is a sad occasion. From the days of the late site Always Bet On Bahlactus, where the blogging event originated, through today this was a fun way to look at the many battles that took place in comics. If I knew my collection better I would have been a better contender, but I did pull off a few wins, even a couple of prize fights. That’s not a bad career.

So how should I complete this run? My first thought was Transformers. It’s where my first Friday Night Fight came from so it makes sense to come full circle. And I actually have some Shockwave fights left. I don’t think we’ve seen Shockwave since…

Right. However, there is one source that I don’t think anybody used in the history of Friday Night Fights, and it just feels right to go with that. Plus there’s one fight I’ve been trying to find the spot to show you guys. And since this may be my last chance, I’m ending with the mini-comic adventures of He-Man and my favorite writer/art team of Masters Of The Universe as the most powerful man in the universe faces one of Skeletor’s greatest near-victories ever. And no marrying his clone daughter to do it. Yeah, things get weird in comics, even minicomics.

SMACK Prize Fight

(aka the Final Friday Night Fight!)

The Battlefield: Masters Of The Universe series 2 #6 (DC/Mattel; 1982) “The Magic-Stealer!”

The Promoters: Gary Cohn (writer), Mark Tezeira (penciler), Tod Smith (inker), and Anthony Tollin (colorist); no letterer credited

Someday we’ll get to this in Free Comic Inside (barring future events) but Skeletor has either built or found a machine (it’s Eternia, so it can go either way) that can absorb all the mystical energy of the world, even that of Castle Grayskull itself, into the user. Now with this power Skeletor seems unstoppable. But He-Man and Zoar the falcon (back when Zoar was a giant boy falcon with frickin’ laser beams attached to his head) are prepared to try anyway, even with crazed air spirits all over the place waiting to attack them! Of course, He-Man just a few pages earlier beat a god with a laser cannon to the ankles, so he’s not worried.

“Oh right, we were just fighting these things on the previous page.”

But we’ve seen He-Man’s history with slaying monsters in the minicomics, so this won’t last long.

Apparently Eternia doesn’t have seat belt laws.

And despite the forces against him, He-Man will not be stopped!

“I knew this was your doing! You’re the main villain of this toyline.”

But what is it that gives He-Man the strength to push on? Is it the mystical gifts of Grayskull? No, something else drives our hero….

They survive this. No, seriously, they survive this.

And some people think patriotism is a bad thing?

That’s what makes a good fight scene in a comic. The hero not giving up despite overwhelming odds, to overcome whatever challenge set against him or her, whether it is their arch-nemesis, nature, or just their inner demons, seeing them win in the end gives us hope of finding a way to overcome our own “foes” and come out on top. Plus they’re just so darn cool to see as the hero beats up the villain, which is a bit cathartic. I’m going to miss the Friday Night Fights if indeed this is the last one. There’s only three of us left (along with our master of ceremonies and Slay Monstrobot Of The Deep) and Fred’s life has been pulling him further from the site because of the love for his family being as strong as He-Man’s love for Eternia, perhaps more so. But at least I went out on a bang! Or a “rooooorrrmmm!”, which is good too I guess. So for possibly the last time…

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Head to Spacebooger.com and vote for the final Prize Fight winner of the Friday Night Fights! My thanks to Spacebooger for continuing the multi-blog event after Always Bet On Bahlactus ended and for allowing me to compete. I wish him and all my fellow competitors, even the ones I didn’t go up against, good fortune in whatever battles they have coming up.

So what’s next for this space on Friday nights? Stay tuned.

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  1. Fred says:

    That comic!
    Dude that comic rocks!
    You rock!
    Thanks for being there week in and week out.

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