The trailer just came out for the upcoming Bumblebee solo film, the first of the Transformers movieverse attempts to create solo adventures similar to what Star Wars is currently doing. I don’t have much to say so let’s check it out real quick.

Apparently Bumblebee is a serious music critic.

I haven’t been following the Bay movies since I rage-quit Age Of Extinction due to how crap things have gotten. At what point do humans and Autobots finally become friends? Not for very long before humans are actually WORKING WITH DECEPTICONS TO HUNT AUTOBOTS! What is even? However, this movie is directed by Travis Knight. He’s primarily worked on stop-motion animated films like Coraline, Paranorman, and Kubo & The Two Strings, all movies people seem to like. Maybe this will be better.

I do like Bumblebee’s design here. He seems to have learned from Michael Bay’s mistakes and approved designs that make him and whomever the plane is have some distinct differences that you can tell them apart from others. It still has the aesthetic that fans of the live-action movies are used to blended with something closer to traditional looks and I can get behind that. The story is a prequel set in 1987 where a girl comes across a…wait, he’s actually a VW Beetle in this movie? Not some kind of sports car? Extra bonus points right there, Knight! I haven’t seen since the Aligned continuity and IDW’s decided to mimic the movie vehicle. I’d even accept a compact car if they couldn’t get the Beetle (Volkswagen has problems with war depictions based on their past) but they actually went with the right car. I approve.

I won’t know more about this until we continue on of course. The “movie site” is just a Facebook page because why put effort when you can just create a URL and direct it to a Facebook, but I’m actually interested in the movieverse for the first time in quite some time. Please be good. This isn’t just some other Transformer; this is Da Bee!


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  1. Sean says:

    I guess Bumblebee doesn’t like late 80s/early 90s British soul music! lol. Seriously though, this does look like an interesting movie. Last Transformers movie I saw was in 2011. I liked the first one in 2007 and was cool with the one in 2009, but by the 2011 movie, I felt fatigued by the Transformers movie franchise. But this Bumblebee movie would be worth seeing whether in a movie theater or in the living room.


  2. […] long last Da Bee is getting his own movie! I’ve looked at the last trailer and there wasn’t a lot to tell there. This time we have a more telling trailer for Bumblebee, […]


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