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Believe it or not we are nearing the end of this series, as I continue to toot my own horn with my favorite of my entries for the Friday Night Fights. Fights may not be fun to be in (for me anyway, you may have a different opinion) but they are fun to watch if they aren’t actually happening in real life with people really trying to kill each other. It’s all the excitement, none of the regrets. Now throw in superpowers, power armor, and giant robots and monsters and you’ve got a party!

The boxers honored in this edition include Ronald Lamont “Winky” Wright, Sugar Ray Leonard, and then we got fictional with Daredevil’s dead daddy. Let the battles begin!

“All I have to do is take the threat of an evil cosmic baby seriously…..” This line alone is worth getting this comic.

Evil Cosmic Baby (Ninjak vol. 2 #6/Wright round 1)

With a name like “evil cosmic baby”, do I have to explain what’s awesome about this fight?

Hulk Misses Fruit Pies (Hostess Ad/Wright round 4)

You know what the Friday Night Fights needed more of? Hostess ads.

Snarf Saves The Day (Thundercats #13/Wright round 6)

I remind you that this is an adaptation of the episode in which Snarf uses his brains to defeat Mumm-Ra with a woodpecker and a spider. (Also a bat but he wasn’t in this part of the story.) I don’t want to hear about how whiny and useless he was because he evolved past his early appearances to become the cook and sort of an ambassador with the other communities on Third Earth once his nursemaid duties were fulfilled. I know Thundercats Roar is going to ignore this, which is another strike against the show before it even comes out.

The Small Things Make Me Happy (Hulk 1st Drakes Snack Cakes miniseries/Wright round 8)

It took me this long for more Wolverine abuse. It’s because he shows up so little in my collection. Hate that guy.

Ice Man, Hot Shot (Spidey Super Stories #6/Wright round 8)

Before Iceman got super gay for no particular reason he was in stories about battling bad guys…except for that time he was one. These two would later become best buddies and be joined by a fire-shooting lady mutant but that’s a story for another time.

Super Dinosaur Would Be Jealous (Doctor Who vol. 2 #9/Wright round 10)

A robot dinosaur named Kevin that’s made to look like a real dinosaur is given an exoskeleton so it can fight a squid in space. What you end up with is the next best thing to Super Dinosaur, although thankfully we also had Super Dinosaur.

Actually, It Is His Birthday (Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #50/Sugar Ray round 5)

Peter Parker is really smart and his villains can be really dumb. Especially in the kids’ spin-off title.

Beast Rock (Cartoon Network Presents #5/Sugar Ray round 6)

A stone gorilla versus a stone panther. In case you thought one one time of animal make of stone on whatever name for the Herculoids world you go with.

Double Impact (The Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest #7/Sugar Ray round 8)

This was pretty clever on the comic’s part, to acknowledge the changes in Race between shows (while not saying this isn’t the same character) by using it as a story element involving a fake Race Bannon.

Make This Canon, New 52 (Superman Adventures #41/Sugar Ray Prize Fight)

Sadly they didn’t it, but this story is one of the reasons this is one of my favorite Superman comics.

Acid Trip (Detective Comics #27/Battling Murdock round 4)

It may not be classic Batman as we know him but it is original Bat-Man, and original Bat-Man was a teeny bit lax on the “not killing” rule.

Sometimes You Have To Punch A Dog (Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes #1/Battling Murdock round 5)

Why Marvel didn’t just make a regular series where Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the Hulk hung out together and had wacky adventures is beyond me.

Evil Can’t Code Good AI (The Christian Crusader vol. 2/Battling Jack (I fixed the name) round 6)

What happens when you set the Rocketeer on an alien planet to spread the word of God? He fights a giant robot. Because why not?

Circuit Breaker: Film Critic (The Transformers #45/Battling Jack round 8)

Of course one of the rare occasions Circuit Breaker actually attacks a Decepticon it’s one peacefully getting fuel by working on a movie. Granted he’s giving said fuel to the bad guys but he’s doing it the right way, which is rare for a Decepticon. This is a rare fight all around.

I think that will do it for this installment, mostly because my browser is giving me grief for all this reading. More next week. I’ve only got seven more pages of posts left and we’re up to 2014. We’re almost done here and I have the replacement already planned.


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  1. Sean says:

    Snarf Saves The Day is my favorite Thundercats story. I’m glad to see that in your Friday night fights, you showed another example from Cartoon Network Presents comics. That Herculoids comic page looks awesome. I definitely got to get my hands on those Cartoon Network Presents back issues when I find them. For a Hanna Barbera maniac like me, I will certainly enjoy reading those comics…both the adventure ones (Herculoids, Galtar and the Golden Lance, etc.) and the comedy ones (Captain Caveman, etc.).

    What will you feature on Friday nights once your Best of Friday Night Fights is done?


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