“I said back to the future, not the past!”

Transformers: Maximum Dinobots #5


IDW Publishing (April 2009)

WRITER: Simon Furman

ARTISTS: Nick Roche and James Raiz

COLORIST: Joana Lafuente

SELECTED COVER ART: Nick Roche & Priscilla Tramontano

LETTERER :Neil Uyetake

EDITORS: Denton J. Tipton

After failing to bring Sludge around, Grimlock decides to take responsibility for he mess ups thus far, and goes to finish off whomever is left between Scorponok and Shockwave. He’s later joined by the other Dinobots, including Sludge, who isn’t so dead after all. Skywatch is forced to send the signal that keeps Shockwave from exploding, and after Soundwave uses it to permanently shut down the destruct, Shockwave tells him how to reboot and free himself from the transformation lock, as well as free the Recordicons. (Yeah, that’s the fan term and I’ll go with it but I’m still calling Blaster’s team “Audiobots”.) Hunter leads Hot Rod and the other Dinos to Scorponok’s Headmaster control, which Swoop severs. Then Ultra Magnus arrives to take both Scorponok and Grimlock into custody. (Grimlock goes as long as the other Dynobots have their records cleaned, thus taking all the responsibility unto himself.) The Dynobots begin repairing their old ship, the Monsterbots’ offer is turned down, and Hunter is separated from Sunstreaker, who is still in repair status. (For those of you who don’t know what a CR Chamber is.)

What they got right: They tied most of the loose threads together, with the Coda arc of All Hail Megatron to do some of the rest. It was nice to see Jimmy one last time and Verity. Otherwise, not a whole lot to put here.

What they got wrong: When I did the original version of this review I actually had to go back and read it again to remind myself what happened. Granted, I was tired because I went to a stag the night before for my cousin (don’t bother asking for details, or I’ll whop you), but I just read the darn thing the day before The story really couldn’t have been that remarkable. I wanted to say Grimlock finally getting punished for something he did wrong would be a plus after other depictions in Furman stories, but this IS a Furman story, and somehow his favorite Autobot never seems to do any wrong that isn’t ignored while giving him more responsibility. So I don’t think this is going to end up any different by the time all this is over. For example, and even with life at the time I can’t believe I missed it Grimlock uses his spark to bring Sludge back from the dead. So now Grimlock is Jesus? I know he’s your pet character Simon (along with Galvatron) but I don’t act like this with Bumblebee, and I’m mostly exaggerating for humor (although G1 Bumblebee is my favorite Autobot). And one more time the Dinobots leave Grimlock only to join him anyway, this time because Grimlock is finally acting responsibly. (It’s comics Grimlock so don’t expect that to last.)

I have to make a separate paragraph just to complain about the art, however. Once again, Nick Roche’s more cartoon style and James Raiz overdetailed style clash like peanut butter and WD-40. They just look so far different from each other as to drive you nuts, although I think the coloring may have saved it from going too far out of control compared to last issue. However, the reappearance of Verity and Jimmy after a very long absence from the IDW universe is another error, under Roche. He really should have looked back at the earlier appearance. Verity looks a bit too happy for Verity, her hairstyle is changed (I can understand not being able to get a decent haircut running around with the Autobots, but it still looks like she found a stylist), and although it’s been a while for me as well, I’m pretty sure Jimmy was dark-haired. I also wonder when they picked up t-shirts with the Autobot symbol on the sleeve.

Recommendation: Serviceable, but hardly worth getting if you haven’t been getting the rest thus far. Now we just need to catch up with the rest of All Hail Megatron and we can move on to the Bayverse adaptations I haven’t covered, and I’ll need a new series for Thursdays.

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