You would think an announcement that IDW is doing a GoBots comic would make me a very happy guy. Well, consider that I don’t like the direction IDW took Transformers, and that the guy involved did that Transformers/GI Joe crossover I didn’t care for from IDW and I’m actually saddened. Sure I want them to come back but I don’t think these are the folks I want doing it. Also ICv2 kept spelling it wrong (no hyphenation, just a capital B…like my screenname) and I’m expecting IDW won’t be any different. It also ruins my dream of being the one to bring GoBots back to comics but I’d be fine if I liked the choices and I don’t. Sorry.


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  1. sean says:

    Thank you for the good news, Tronix. I’ve been wanting to see a Gobots comic book come about for a long time. The closest to there being Gobots comics in the 1980s was the Gobots magazine that featured comic strips in each issue I had two issues of Gobots Magazine, and I liked how the comic strip artwork was very loyal to the Hanna Barbera cartoon. From the San Diego Comic Con photos of the artwork, I must say that I like how Leader-1 and Cy-Kill look there. My calendar is already marked to look out for the premiere of IDW’s Gobots in October. This five issue series should hopefully lead to more Gobots in comic books. What I’m happy about is that this series will only be about the Gobots. It’s not an infamous IDW Hasbro franchise mashup like so many of their other series. I did like the Transformers vs. Visionaries comic series but I would have preferred a stand alone Visionaries comic much like the one in the 80s (the 80s one from Star is excellent!).

    The way my local comic book shop owner put it is that Hasbro sees there’s money to be made off the Gobots franchise. That’s why Hasbro gave the green light to IDW to work on this comic series.

    Which comic company would you have preferred to work on a Gobots comic instead of IDW?

    And hey…I guess you won’t be the first one to bring about a Gobots comic book, but you could instead be the first one to bring about an English language Blackstar comic book in the United States! (remember that a French comic book company created two issues of Blackstar in the 80s).


    • I’m not interested in doing a Blackstar comic. I might like the show but that doesn’t mean I can write for it. Something certain comic editors and people hiring directors needs to think about.


      • sean says:

        Understandable and I see your point. Also, which other comic companies would you have preferred to have seen work on a current Gobots comic book instead of IDW?


        • I’m not really sure. I just don’t like where IDW took Transformers and MASK although I did enjoy TMNT and Godzilla from them. I will be surprised if they actually know enough about GoBots to get it right.


  2. sean says:

    I’m going to get this five issue Gobots series from IDW because I”m one of those Gobots fans who’s been thirsting for a Gobots comic book for decades! Back in the 1980s, I would have liked to have seen DC put out a Gobots comic book. That would have made sense due to DC’s rival Marvel having the Transformers comics in the 80s. That would have made for an awesome competition in the comics world! Or something else that might have been interesting would have been Comico publishing a Gobots comic book. Just imagine what Comico’s amazing artists and writers could have done with a Gobots comic book series in the 1980s! For the IDW comic, I’m curious to see what Scooter will look like and what various other Gobots will appear in these five issues. Will the Rock Lords make an appearance? Plus, I am curious if the human characters from the cartoon suh as Braxus (the villain with the white hair…did I get his name right?), Matt (the guy with the Tom Selleck moustache), AJ (the female with the corn row braids), or the blond haired guy (forgot his name) will be present in this Gobots comic series.

    October will be a great month….crisp autumn air, apple cider, fall foliage, and the premier of the Gobots comic book!


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