Remember when San Diego Comic Con was about comics? It’s tough but it’s possible. Now it’s where all the other geek culture media go to promote themselves and comics (which somehow have remained geek exclusive in the US since kids are rarely allowed to enjoy them anymore) are a second thought, and even then only if you’re a big name.

But since I discuss all forms of storytelling media I can here we can look at the movie, TV, and video game trailers SDCC has given us. If you want to see more you can use the collected resource I am from the website Bleeding Fool. (It’s like Bleeding Cool except they admit their political biases and the site is actually usable without tons of ads and annoying autoplaying videos. It’s why I stopped using Bleeding Cool; because I can’t read the darn thing and at the rate things are going I’m running out of usable entertainment news sites because the darn things take forever before I can actually read a single page.) Now I’m not going over every trailer, just the ones that interest me. This is still going to be video heavy so apologies to those on slower connections. It’s still easier to bring up than any Bleeding Cool page though.

Aquaman (in theaters December 21st, 2018)

I understand not wanting to have too big a shock from Justice League so I guess they lightened the visuals as much as they could. Aquaman’s still wearing armor but it has actual color to it, as does (I’m assuming) Mera’s hair. Bright colors without going too far. This might actually be a good one. It seems to be having more fun with the idea than anything Zac Snyder put out recently.

Shazam! (in theaters April 5th, 2019)

Again, a movie not taking the concept too seriously. They may be having more fun with it than Aquaman and it even looks like this is one I could feel comfortable taking a kid to see, if I had a kid I could take to the movies. Given that Captain Marvel (the character’s original name before DC tried to destroy the character and Marvel swiped the name to also be jerks) was designed as wish fulfillment for kids this makes sense and I’m glad someone is remembering this. I recently heard Geoff Johns is keeping Shazam all to himself for Doomsday Clock, the Watchmen crossover, and I don’t think Johns is the write creator for Billy Batson and friends.

Godzilla: King Of The Monsters (in theaters May 31st, 2019)

I have a few…not “problems” but concerns. The lady in the intro sounds like she’s running a doomsday cult. “We’re the problem and the titans need to kill us all.” I’m not happy about that. Also Legendary may be going to fast in their kaijuverse introduction. Why does nobody have the patience to follow Marvel Studio’s formula of giving each character their own movie and THEN have the team-up movie? Godzilla and Kong have had their movies, but Mothra and Rodan hasn’t. Heck, I don’t think Rodan has even had a movie since the original back in the 1960s. Give them their own movies and then have the three join forces against Ghidorah. Still, Godzilla is still a “guardian monster” like when I was a kid and that makes me happy, but we’ll see if this capitalizes on the first movie’s strengths while avoiding its weaknesses.

Black Lightning (season two beginning October 9th, 2018)

I’m of two minds on this one. There are a lot of really fun elements and it’s trying to have as much color and sunlight as Aquaman but then there’s this anti metahuman task force that I’m worried is going to be an allegory for something because politics ruins everything. I think back to the pilot where Jefferson is beaten by cops completely out of nowhere just to make a point and I get worried. I also need to get caught up because I wasn’t able to watch past the pilot and I don’t want to lose touch with it like I did Supergirl and The Flash before giving it a good chance. Might still be good.

The Orville (season two starts December 30th, 2018)

I ignored Star Trek Discovery because frankly the pilot didn’t interest me enough to get CBS All Access even if I had money. However, I do really like season one and season two looks like it’s going to be pretty good too.

Young Justice: Outsiders (season 3 debuting early 2019)

I’m worried this one told us too much. I’m happy the show’s coming back…but it’s going to be on DC Universe the streaming service and frankly it’s the only thing I’m interested in thus far.

Titans (series premiere Autumn 2018)

And then there’s this piece of crap! Nightwing swearing and seeming to hate Batman more than he did before. The supposed killing by heroes. The darker colors, the violent tones, Starfire’s mink coat…I see nothing I like here and a lot of my contemporaries seem to agree. Every other DC trailer shows fun moments within the serious and darker moments and none of that is on display here.

Spider-Man (coming to PlayStation 4 on September 7, 2018)

I like that he has a support network of allies, but it seems they’re playing really lose with the mythos. I don’t have a PS4 so I can’t play the game anyway.

For the record I looked at the trailer for The Predator and I just didn’t care. Also why is The Purge getting a TV show? Isn’t that movie about one night a year where everyone gets to be the most horrible killers and scum for 24 hours, like that one episode of Star Trek? What, does one season follow different people during the night? I have no interest to find out so I didn’t even watch the trailer, but the fact that it exists confuses me. The trailer for The Clone Wars only says the show is back. Is it coming to Disney XD? Disney Channel? Yet another streaming service that costs money to use, so by the time you’re done subscribing to all these services you’re actually paying more than if you stuck with cable or satellite? It’s good news but not enough news. The Doctor Who trailer also tells us little about the new lady parts Doctor. The rest I really didn’t care about.

So those are my thoughts, what are yours on these or the other trailers from SDCC?

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