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Transformers: Saga Of The All-Spark #3

IDW Publishing (September, 2008)

“Lost In Space” parts 3 & 4

(originally presented in Transformers Comic #s 5-6)

WRITER: Simon Furman

ARTIST (PART 3): Guido Guidi

ARTIST (PART 4): Marcelo Matere

COLORIST (PART 3): Jason Cardy

COLORIST (PART 4): Liam Shaloo

LETTERER: Jimmy Betancourt


IDW EDITOR: Denton J. Tipton

In the first story Ironhide is captured by aliens also seeking the All-Spark. They probe his mind and claim to be the true owners of the All-Spark. Ironhide fights the probe with a memory of a hard battle and breaks free, finding out the aliens stole a ship that is able to track the All-Spark. The story seems to imply that Ironhide kills them, which wouldn’t be right in most Transformers stories but since Optimus himself has a penchant for ripping opponents’ faces off it might fit. The odd thing, and this continues into the next story, is Ironhide’s guns are supposed to be outside his forearms, but when he uses them they’re positions on the side and he fires it like a regular handheld weapon. It is interesting that they explore the idea of the All-Spark’s creators but end up adding to the mystery. Not that it matters since it was just the McGuffin for the first two movies and outside of late continuities using the concept has become forgotten.

Jazz’s story is a bit different. While the others have been trying to get back to Cybertron, Jazz finds a planet with a living datastream and he decides he’d rather stay here and avoid the war. However, when he’s about to become part of library he needs to be rescued by Ironhide and Ratchet. Together they return to Cybertron. Both stories use the non-movie and Target-exclusive movie-style repaint toys in their cannon fodder for the flashbacks (Jazz has one as part of the data), which I thought worked well enough. And I like the idea of one of the characters opting to not go back only to be drawn back in by the end.

Overall they aren’t bad stories and fit their page space better than the previous stories. I think Furman was getting used to the shorter options, although considering his penchant for shoving three to five stories into one issue I’d think the transition would be easier than this. Mildly recommended but still not something to rush out to pick up.


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