Jade auditions to be the next Bond Girl.

Green Lantern & Sentinel: Heart Of Darkness #3


DC Comics (May, 1998)

“Father’s Day”

WRITER: Ron Marz

PENCILER: Paul Pelletier

INKER: Dan Davis

COLORIST: Jason Wright

LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulos


EDITOR: Kevin Dooley

Alan Scott sacrificed his powers as Sentinel to save Jade, and now he’s dying of old age. Now Jade decides to make a sacrifice as well. Let Kyle and her father go free and she’ll agree to become like the Starheart. Kyle already knocked out Obsidian so Jade has no barrier to use the power to strike back against Starheart, then use the chaotic power to restore Alan to Sentinel, free Obsidian, then bring all of them back to the regular world. However, her regaining her humanity meant losing her own Starheart-born powers.

What they got right: Not having read the first issue there seems to be a theme of sacrificing for those you love. The ending is satisfactory, and don’t worry, Jade eventually gets powers again. At least she got to be a hero like her father.

What they got wrong: Jade’s Starheart costume. There are probably stripper outfits with higher crotches than they gave Jade. A little more fabric or whatever it is wouldn’t have hurt around the groinal area and maybe even the stomach region is what I’m saying. At first I thought the Starheart symbol was a cut in what little top she has but it wasn’t upon closer inspection. (Shut up, you know what I mean.) Otherwise it didn’t look too bad. For a 1990s costume.

Recommendation: Going only on the last two issues of a three issue miniseries this was a good story. Worth checking out.


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