“Psst. Your fly is open and here comes the admiral.”

Robotech: Return To Macross #27

Academy Comics, Ltd (December, 1995)

“To Be The Pirate King”

WRITER: Bill Spangler

ARTIST: Michelle Birchfield

Missiles are shot down over Macross Island and a message sent out wanting Roy Fokker. He soon finds himself among surviving Lemurians (I don’t have the issue they were introduced in–I think it was from the Eternity Comics period), who want him to take over as their leader and help take down T.R. Edwards. Roy manages to help them escape but doesn’t join them because he has too much left to do on the island.

What they got right: We see the pressures of what’s been going on lately getting to Roy as he seems to be caught up in most of the problems that’s been happening lately and still can’t get Claudia to realize he never cheated on her with Nina. Also, he and Edwards have a feud that continued after Roy’s death (we’ll see that in the Sentinels comics eventually) so it’s not surprising that he would want help taking him down. We also see a pilot other than Roy save the day (although the Lemurians claim the missile would have just passed overhead anyway). So there ARE other pilots in the RDF. 🙂

What they got wrong: And yet we know T. R. Edwards is still a threat later on, and even joins the REF, so how is this story going to work out? Badly for the Lemurians I would think.

Recommendation: A good idea but I wonder if Academy had time to see it through before they shut down? I don’t remember. It’s worth getting if you’ve been following the series but I’m rather neutral about whether or not to start here.

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  1. Sean says:

    The cover makes it look like Roy and Claudia are doing a Jamaican reggae dance known as daggering. One thing is for certain….these Robotech comics from Academy sure did have some odd covers! Speaking of Robotech, I picked up issue #14 of Titan’s Robotech on Wednesday, but I haven’t read it yet. This new story arc ends on issue #16 on January before issue #17 comes out 2 or 3 months later. At the end of issue #16, I will make a judgement on whether I should continue getting Titan’s Robotech comics. By the end of issue #16, I will either be intrigued or disgusted….we’ll see what happens!


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