Tony turns to building dioramas in his spare time.

Iron Man volume 3 #18

Marvel Comics (July, 1999)

“Machinery Of War” part 1: “Sunset Intrigues”

CO-PLOTTERS: Kurt Busiek & Roger Stern

SCRIPT: Roger Stern


INKERS: Larry Stucker & Eric Cannon

COLORIST: Steve Oliff

LETTERING: Comicraft

EDITOR: Bobbie Chase

Iron Man lifts Fing Fang Foom to the Navy, but Sunset Bain is subcontracted for transport. She also shows up at Tony’s latest party, again trying to get him to work on an AI program. Despite a possible out from archaeologist Abner Little Tony agrees to work for her, hoping to find a connection between her and the fake War Machine. Meanwhile, Rhodey comes back to the states with Parnell’s wife, hoping to prove his tie to the fake War Machine. That takes a backseat to Warbird and Iron Man fighting two of her old foes, Golden-Blade and Sapper. Due to her being drunk they’re able to get away when Warbird overdoes it during the battle and gets knocked out. Is this the final wake-up call that she needs help? And does the sudden taking of the body of hood Rafe Michel?

What they got right: Tony fighting off his alcoholism since he still has the same pressures that made him an alcoholic in the first place, which ties into Carol’s situation. (Bet we don’t see that in her movie either.) I hope that Warbird really does realize that she can’t handle it. We also finally get into the mystery of what Sunset is up to.

What they got wrong: However, the reveal that the AI is actually Jocasta is something I wouldn’t have revealed so early. And the “new armor” boasted on the cover is some additions to the fake War Machine armor that we don’t get a real good look at but it amounts to an oversized backpack. I’m not impressed.

Recommendation: I don’t know why Busiek was co-plotting this instead of actually writing it but the stories are still good and the art team is still really good. Check this one out.


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