Funny, my response to torpedoes flying at me would be “AAAAAAAAH TORPEDOES!”

Doctor Who Classics Series 2 #9

IDW Publishing (August 2009)

(reprinted from Doctor Who Magazine #73-75, Marvel UK)

WRITER: Steve Parkhouse

PENCILER: Mick Austin

INKERS: Paul Neary & Mick Austin

EDITOR: Alan McKenzie

IDW COLORIST: Charlie Kirchoff

IDW EDITOR: Denton J. Tipton

IDW DESIGNER: Amauri Osorio

With Shayde’s help, the Doctor is able to separate the entity from the TARDIS. However, the Time Lords want a few words with him about the whole incident. While the tribunal fills him in on the missing information, Shayde destroys the evidence, so the Time Lords have to let him go.

What they got right: Steve Parkhouse continued to pump out some good Doctor Whoing. Using an event from an earlier story he wrote, and creating the foe in this arc is a good movie. (Take note, Bendis and Johns. I actually believe it when Steve does it, and doesn’t take many years of “why are you doing this to our favorite characters” to do it. Not everything has to be Babylon 5, especially when you get it wrong, unlike B5 and like Heroes or Lost.)

What they got wrong: The art level really drops from last issue. I’ve seen artists on these comics, be they Marvel UK, Panini, or IDW, that have done a bad job up close, but not bad far away. This is the complete opposite. Up close, the character model is a ringer for Peter Davidson, but from far away everyone looks like they’re being portrayed by midgets. Also, Steve did introduce three characters in a way to make them interesting, but unless he’s foreshadowing again, just kills them off on the next page. I don’t understand that.

Updated thoughts: Actually, one guy was shot by Shayde and I can’t confirm he wasn’t just stunned. Apparently they show up in a story after the one I’ll be looking at next week, my last look at a Doctor Who comic as I finally get caught up with the last Marvel US issue I own. Well, my last in the weekly run as, like Transformers, I have some collected GNs to review in Scanning My Collection. The other IDW reprints and regular comics can be found in reviews from when they came out.

Recommendation: If you want to see some of the best writing of comics Who, check this issue out.

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  1. Sean says:

    If you have any Doctor Who novels published by Target (the publishing company…not the store), that’s another avenue for writing about the Doctor on your site. Which Doctor Who novels do you have?


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