I know, Star Wars isn’t Lion King, but I don’t have any images from The Lion King. However, it does tie into the discussion in today’s article link. Ever since Disney bought Marvel they canceled their comics with other publishers. This includes the Boom Studios “Duckverse” titles (Darkwing Duck and Uncle Scrooge-related titles) and pulling Star Wars away from Dark Horse, who have a very successful run. One wonders what will happen with the Aliens and Predators franchises (Dark Horse created the idea of putting them together and unlike the movies the comics were well received) since they bought Fox, especially after taking the Conan The Barbarian Franchise away from them, and they don’t even own that.

And yet their kid-targeted titles for Marvel heroes are being made by IDW, and now their own Disney properties are being made into comics not by Marvel but by Dark Horse, the latest being Lion King story. I honestly don’t know what Disney is doing these days. I thought they wanted to move everything in-house?

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