Worst Mysterio cosplay ever?

Transformers Animated: The Arrival #3

IDW Publishing (October, 2008)

WRITER; Marty Isenberg

COLORIST: Liam Shalloo


LETTERER: Chris Mowry

EDITOR: Denton J. Tipton


PENCILER: Dario Brizuela

INKER: Landro Corral

“Bots Of Science”


The main story is another supervillain tale, as a thief nicknamed “Stiletto” because of her weaponized high-heel shoes steals an experimental alloy and a laser scalpel from Sumdac, which she uses on Ambassador Bridge. The Autobots stop her but it was the still head-only Megatron using her to test the alloy for his new swords. As much as I don’t like the supervillain stories it does tie-in to the Transformers, but how did Megatron recruit her?

The back-up story is a flashback to Ratchet’s time on Cybertron during the Great War as depicted in the Animated Universe (as opposed to the other animated shows). Searching a battlefield for survivors, Ratchet finds victims of corrosive that is this continuity’s version of “cosmic rust”, and finds even a Decepticon victim. The two work together to create an antidote and Ratchet manages to learn a bit too late that the Decepticon, Oil Slick, was actually the creator who accidentally got hit with his own stuff. Ratchet does manage to claim the remaining antidote after Oil Slick uses it on himself, and even after treating himself there is enough to synthesize an antidote for the Autobots. It’s not a bad story but as was pointed out in some extra research it depicts Oil Slick as the one who broke Ratchet’s head crest when in the show it was Lockdown. The story was also expanded as part of a prose/comic hybrid called Bots Of Science which I reviewed, when it came out.

The artwork in both stories still resembles the show perfectly and the stories are both worth checking out.

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  1. […] Recommendation: Don’t lose any sleep if you miss this issue. At the time I liked having it as a Transformers fan but times change and frankly only one story in the whole miniseries worked for me besides the first one here. If I keep them it’s out of wanting to keep the full series together for just this and “Bots Of Science“. […]


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