You’ve roared with Thundercats and maybe flown on wings of silver with the SilverHawks. But have you ever gone swimming with the TigerSharks?

The Comic Strip was an anthology series created by Rankin/Bass, the last of their full series. (There was another special or two but that was pretty much it for series.) It contained four shows in rotation during the week. Camp Mini-Mon was about two human children who end up at a summer camp for actual monster kids because their parents misunderstood the “little monsters” part. (I guess they were a couple of brats.) I’m not really into the “Universal” type monsters so I barely watched it. Street Frogs was one of two anthropomorphic worlds, this one inhabited by amphibians. The title frogs are a rap group and while most of the kids were voiced by actual black kids you can tell the writers weren’t. The raps weren’t very good and neither were the stories. Those two shows I tended to avoid.

On the other hand you had Karate Kat, about an all-feline anthro world. The title character (and that’s his actual name) works for a detective agency that always seems to run into the same three would-be mobsters and foiling their schemes. It was actually pretty good and I enjoyed it. All three of these shows were on the comedic side, but then you had TigerSharks, an adventure show in the same vein as Thundercats and SilverHawks. While the others would be features in self-contained 10+ minute adventures, this show would air in two parts, with part two including the epilogue. I wonder if Rankin/Bass was worried they were getting into a rut and used the other three shows to make this look more appealing to stations?

The story follows the adventures of the TigerSharks, an intergalactic salvage team whose specialty is underwater salvage. Their latest assignment takes them to the planet Water-O to recover a crashed ship. They just invented a machine that may help them in this and future missions, but they’re really going to need it when the space criminals Mantennas join forces with the crazed pirate Bizarlly and his crew. The solution is for our heroes to transform themselves into…fish?

In episode two we meet Bizarlly’s pirate clan, giving the TigerSharks enemies above and below the water.

Twenty-six episodes were made during the sixty-five episode run of The Comic Strip and it seems to have been forgotten, which is too bad. TigerSharks is just as good as their animal-people brethren, at worst the weakest of the three given how they were run but still enjoyable. I don’t think the full series was released on home video, just a few episodes on VHS back in the day as well as the other shows that made up The Comic Strip, which had no ties to actual comics nor were any made of any of the four shows. I think they just liked the name.



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  1. Sean says:

    I’ve roared with the Thundercats numerous times and flown on wings of silver with the Silverhawks too, and today was the first time I’ve swam with the TigerSharks, and I enjoyed it! Seeing as Peter Lawrence wrote both of these episodes I watched today, it was guaranteed that these TigerSharks episodes would be of a high quality. The story is on point along with the animation and the characters. The show’s music is decent too. I regret that I wasn’t watching these TigerSharks back in 1987 like I had with the Thundercats in 1985/1986 and the Silverhawks in 1986/1987. If I had been aware of the Tigersharks back in 1987, then I very likely would have viewed them. I can’t say the same for the other three cartons in this The Comic Strip series though. Perhaps that’s why I didn’t know about the Tigersharks….the fact that it was part of an anthology series instead of being its own toon. Tronix, I wish you had told me how good the TigerSharks were back when were going to school because I would have trusted your word on how good they were. Well, I can check out more TigerSharks episodes now in 2019 at least. Too bad there weren’t any TigerSharks comic books back in the 1980s. But maybe somebody will bring the TigerSharks to comics in the 21st century. It would be something fresh (fresh and filleted) in the comics world for sure. People transforming into walruses, seals, dolphins, etc. is a fascinating concept. Even the dog became a dog fish! One last note: the villain Bizarlly reminds me of Captain Cracker from the Thundercats. Do Bizarlly and Dragonstein appear in future episodes of the TigerSharks?


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