“SparkShorts” are a series of shorts produced by Pixar in which the animators have complete control (within the Disney limits I would assume except mild swearing shows up more than once in the video I’m highlighting tonight, so maybe don’t show this off to the younglings). Purl follows the story of a sentient ball of yarn going to work at a company whose business is never explained but it isn’t the point anyway. The point is how Purl Ball fits in at this company…eventually.

We also get a behind the scenes look at the making of Purl and why it was made.

Finally, let’s meet the creators of this short.

My only problem with the short is the swearing, mild as it is. Not that it exists but that if it didn’t you could show this to kids. I could see if it were a darker, more adult fare…about living balls of yarn going to work in an office of undisclosed jobs, but the swearing is really the only thing adult about it. Without it it would be fine for kids but still resonate just the same with adults. This is Pixar’s strength after all, a good movie for kids that adults can connect to as well, what the terms “family friendly” and “all-ages” actually means, the former term also meaning kids and parents of any age group can watch together. Otherwise it’s a good movie with a good message that knows when to do which. The message isn’t ham-fisted and preachy and the story works great on its own.

I’m curious to see what other “SparkShorts” will come out, but I think it’s going to be exclusive to the new streaming service, which I’m betting is going to be yet another subscription-based service instead of ad/subscription hybrid, which I still say is better for all parties involved. Still, keep an eye on Pixar’s YouTube channel in case there are more.

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