Those of you not connected to comic aren’t aware of Carol Danvers and how she’s only the latest in Marvel Comics’ continued mission to keep DC from giving Billy Batson the superhero name he was created with, Captain Marvel. Seriously, that’s why Marvel keeps doing this. And with Carol hitting theaters one blogger has decided to talk about another woman to take the name while Carol was still going under one of her other many superhero names over the years. Meet Monica Rambeau, the first black female Avenger, who once actually led the team. Not mentioned in the article is she didn’t just lead the Avengers but a lesser-known superteam called Nextwave. Why don’t we hear more from her?

And if you want to go over the full legacy of Marvel’s failed attempts to make something with the name that sticks, I wrote an article on it back when Carol first became Captain Marvel in the comics. Apparently after this Monica earned yet another new superhero name, which puts her in the running with Carol and Hank Pym for most superhero identities in the Marvel Universe. Spider-Man tried out for that once as well. Why can’t Marvel pick a name and stick with it?

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