“Fine, I’ll go back to the paint store. I still like it though.”

Robotech: Return To Macross #35

Academy Comics, Ltd (August, 1996)

“Achilles’ Heel”

WRITER: Bill Spangler

ARTIST: Dusty Griffin

Virgil may have saved Claudia but that doesn’t mean he’s switching sides. Luckily our heroes make their escape when Salamander messes with the ship. That doesn’t stop the Federalists from taking the mobile launch platform in the hopes of going into space and taking the Achilles. With Admiral Hayes as a hostage they think they’re safe but the RDF is planning to stop them anyway. Claudia assures Lisa that her dad is a soldier and knows what to expect but if anyone can save him it would be Roy.

What they got right: We get a nice moment with Roy and Claudia where she finally realizes what’s going on. The story itself continues to fascinate.

What they got wrong: The art still doesn’t, at least when it comes to people. Griffin has a good handle on machines and sets, but his people need work at this stage. Although in some ways he’s still better than me. (See, I admit it.)

Recommendation: Still a good storyline. Give it a read.

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