The redesign for the Batsignal didn’t do well in test markets.

Batman: The Ten Cent Adventures

DC Comics (March 2002; digital conversion for comiXology by Wildstorm: January, 2011)

“The Fools Errand”

WRITER: Greg Rucka

PENCILER: Rich Burchett

INKER: Klaus Janson

COLORIST: Lee Loughridge

LETTERER: Willie Schubert


EDITOR: Matt Idelson

Sasha goes out on patrol with Batman. It’s a typical night with crooks, a mugging, a shootout between the Russian mob and GCPD, and a fire. Batman saves everyone except one young man from the fire. For all the lives he’s saved, that one life is the one that hurts him. However, they come home to find Vesper dead in the grand entrance just as the police kick the door in to seemingly arrest Bruce, leading to the trial of Bruce Wayne storyline beginning proper in Detective Comics #766.

What they got right: As a one-shot and a set-up to the next story arc the tale works well. We get an idea of what kind of person Batman is through the eyes of Sasha. Outside of the set-up to the murder mystery there’s no huge event, no life-altering experience that threatens all of Gotham City forever and ever until the next one. It’s just a tale of Batman’s life that leads into the next story arc. As a jump-on point it mostly works.

What they got wrong: With some minor hiccups. Who is this Sasha? She says he was hired to be Bruce’s bodyguard, but by whom? She found out he was Batman and she ends up joining the Bat-Family, except it sounds like they split the family up again from her talk about “pushing friends away”. Does she have a superhero name? Did she have to be in love with Bruce? There are questions that should have been answered for a proper jumping on point that aren’t. I had to look her up to put the tag in for the article. Not everybody picking this up is going to come from the comics and Sasha has made less post-comic appearances than Stephanie Brown.

Recommendation: Luckily it doesn’t ruin the story too much and overall it’s a decent Batman/day night in the life tale. It’s worth a look.

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