This is when Corrine decided to buy an appointment book.

Superman Adventures #45

DC Comics (July, 2000)

“Mateless In Metropolis”

WRITER: Jeff Grubb

PENCILER: Aluir Amancio

INKER: Terry Austin

COLORIST: Marie Severin


LETTERER: Phil Felix

EDITOR: Joey Cavalieri

Power surges are occurring all over Metropolis, and they’re huge ones. It may or may not be tied to Lex trying to create his own Livewire. As this goes on three girls have come to Metropolis seeing a husband for their mother. One suggests Clark Kent because he was pictured in a magazine article their mother earmarked which happened to be an article on eligible bachelors and totally not because she wants to be a journalist when she grows up. Just like how her sister totally isn’t choosing Lex based on his money or the youngest choosing Superman because she’s a fan. When they get in trouble Superman has to save them and they’re also rescued from a collapsing subway entrance by a fireman who also so happened to be on the same page as Clark. Guess which one their mother is happy to meet?

What they got right: Each of the three girls have their own reason for their choices, and we get their (rather misguided) ideas of what life would be like with their choices for father…which is mostly to benefit the girls and not mom but that’s kind of the fun of it. Of course Lex would try to create his own Livewire. It’s like he could influence the original, especially given how anti-men she was in an earlier issue for no good reason.

What they got wrong: Superman’s fan doesn’t get a fantasy sequence. Also, what are the odd that not only would that fireman that caught the mother’s attention would not only be there but that sparks would fly (no pun intended) almost immediately. Then again, it wouldn’t have been as much fun if he hadn’t.

Recommendation: Just a fun little Superman tale. It’s worth checking out for that, but not technically a must-own story unless you’re into that like I am.

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