Okay, so Bumblebee isn’t a reboot but from fan reaction it probably should be. I still really need to see this movie. No Unicron because the producer hates it but Transformers fans love Unicron and that’s probably a plot thread they should finish up, even if they just somehow separate him from Earth. The producer also wants more Michael Bay style action but if that includes the way too close shots with designs that practically blend together that’s going to tick off fans too. I don’t think this guy cares about Transformers fans, but these are also complaints from non-fans who saw it and aren’t Michael Bay apologists so this is probably a bad move.

As for a shared Hasbro universe, I don’t think that’s necessary. A shared Transformers universe that tells stories with other characters, including classic characters who never had a media appearance before or more recent characters and ideas that could be fit into this universe, might be the better way to go. Sure, seeing the Transformers hanging out with G.I. Joe and Cobra would be neat for cross-series fans who remember those team-ups in the comics or the shared nods in the cartoons but I don’t think we need a shared universe, including one with MASK. Give them their own movie instead and let them shine as their own property like they did in the 1980s before Kenner was bought by Hasbro. Granted I am curious to see how they’d work My Little Pony in there.

Catch more Midnight’s Edge on their YouTube channel.

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