“I really had to tow this thing all around space?”

Robotech #1

Antarctic Press (March, 1997)

EDITORS: Ben Dunn & Herb Mallette

“Megastorm” part 1

WRITER: Fred Perry

ARTIST: Ben Dunn


“Prototype 001: Tigercat” part 1


COLORISTS: Joeming Dunn & Mel Fujitsu (considering that’s the name of a villain from the US parody dub of Dynaman and I couldn’t find any info on him I’m guessing that’s not his or her real name)

In the main story Roy takes Max out on his first “night patrol” near Jupiter. They end up having to rescue a scout team when they’re attacked by a new Zentraedi commander named Kohrah. The scout team may have stumbled upon their base and Kohrah uses battlepods with a cloaking device. Meanwhile, Captain Gloval shows off his culinary skills before the attack.

What they got right: While Dunn’s art style really doesn’t match with what Tatsunuko used for Macross (which future US-produced Robotech productions would emulate) the art is good and I’m worried nitpicking it into “got wrong” would end up with me…let’s just say I’d be in the hospital from something other than the medical issues I’ve had lately. It is good art and coloring. I’m guess they really wanted to give us Max Sterling’s early years and Zentraedi commanders they could bump off given what we’ve seen from Antarctic Press’s stories thus far but I support the former and the latter have been interesting.

What they got wrong: I am going to nitpick the style change just the same because I’m a stickler for that. (I’ve been spoiled by artists who do try to match up their art style with the cartoon, but at least Dunn is inspired by Japanese art styles.) Did Kohrah give Exedor an order? He’s supposed to be Breetai’s underling, not Kohrah’s. Also, how do the Zentraedi have a Romulan-style cloaking device that we know will never be used past this. Is it a prototype?

Speaking of prototypes: In our back-up feature Roy meets with Lisa in a story that takes place before the launch of the SDF-1–and then for some reason flashes back further to see him introduced to a new Veritech prototype, while who I assume to be T.R. Edwards has his own fighter mecha test. Why is there a second flashback in this story? And will Edwards (if that’s him because the story doesn’t really say) be a problem? I don’t know but this isn’t the best start they could make to this storyline.

Recommendation: The main story starts out well enough and hopefully it continues. The back-up is only a few pages and has some climbing to do. Get it for the main story though.

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