Only one of these characters actually appear.

Robotech #2

Antarctic Press (May, 1997)

COVER ART: Joe Wight

EDITOR: Herb Mallette

“Megastorm” part 2

WRITER: Ben Perry

ARTIST: Ben Dunn



Prototype 001: “Tigercat” part 2




In the main story the Captain’s dinner gets interrupted when Kohrah’s forces make their attack, using their cloaking devices and shields powerful enough to deflect the SDF-1‘s main gun. They also have the ship trapped in the gravity well around the big storm on Jupiter, but Kohrah knows they could break out of it by setting the anti-gravity engines on overdrive and use their advanced tech to break into the ship in the hopes of destroying them. Apparently Breetai is the only one who understands the order “bring Zor’s battlefortress home intact”.

What they got right: Kohrah’s tech is explained as being unique, making them the Robotech Masters’ elite force. So that explains why this isn’t standard…mostly. Sammie still gets a fun moment before all hell breaks loose.

What they got wrong: I’m still having trouble believing they have a shield that can block the main gun and cloaking technology and not everybody is fitted with them. It’s not like this new experimental technology that Kohrah is good enough to be testing in the field.

In the back-up, Lisa shows Roy the new controls until his goofing around ticks her off. Meanwhile Edwards attacks a mobile checkpoint or something. Frankly it’s not very interesting and I don’t care.

Recommendation: The main story is worth picking up the comic for, depending on the finale.

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